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Safegaurding the Game: Preventing Frauds in Real Money Gaming with Advanced AI Detection

Discover how cutting-edge AI technology slashed fraud losses for a real money gaming company, resulting in millions of dollars in cost savings.

AI Fraud Detection


The Poker Gaming industry in India is growing at a robust 16.9% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR), projections indicate a soaring market value of $346 million by 2030 (Custom Market Insights data).

With over 3 million active poker players in India, Our client is an online payment services company with one of the most reputed names in the gaming industry, providing payment gateways to give seamless, secure, enterprise-grade payment stack to achieve higher revenue at lower cost.


  • Rising Fraud: The advent of real money gaming in India has given rise to an escalation in fraudulent activities and transactions, A need to mitigate it has emerged stronger than ever before.

  • Need for Robustness: Conventional rule-based systems have proven susceptible to manipulation by fraudsters. The need for an intelligent, adaptive AI-based fraud detection system has become imperative to counter the evolving tactics employed by spammers and fraudsters.


Accurate Fraud Detection

We deployed a fraud detection system that showcases exceptional accuracy by training on unique user-level features and social graphs.

Advanced Techniques

Leveraging Semi-Supervised and Reinforcement Learning techniques, our system predicts and flags fraudulent behavior with agility and precision.

Real-time Detection

The system operates in real-time, swiftly analyzing and responding to fraudulent activities as they occur, ensuring minimal to no financial losses.


Fraud Prevention With AI and ML

1. Significant Fraud Reduction: The implementation of our advanced AI-driven system resulted in a substantial decrease in fraudulent activities, increasing user trust and preserving the platform's integrity.

2. Positive Impact on Bottom Line: Beyond security, the initiative positively influenced the company's financial standing, with reduced fraud losses contributing to a healthier bottom line.

3. Agile Development Practices: Embraced agile development practices allowed for adaptive and enhancements, ensuring the system's resilience.

4. High-load System Optimization: To guarantee uninterrupted service, our team optimized and integrated cloud-native solutions for global scalability.


By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology, our client not only safeguarded their platform but also made substantial strides in financial resilience and user satisfaction.

If you are facing similar problems and looking to apply advanced strategies in your business systems, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at:


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